What to Wear :: Tips for picking the perfect out for your senior portraits :: Nebraska High School Senior Styling Tips

Choosing Your Outfits: Make sure your clothing flatters you! If you feel great in your outfit, you will look more relaxed. Don’t wear anything that makes you feel uncomfortable while sitting, standing or moving. The bottom line: Be yourself and you’ll look beautiful!

What To Bring: Think about choosing some of your favorites from the following: jeans, shorts, tees, tees, tanks, dressy outfits, and casual outfits. Bare feet are of course great for some shots but bring those fav heels along with some sandals and flip flops. Think variety, depending on location, some places you won’t even see your shoes so no need to get those heels on to track through tall grass, don’t be a super hero, bring the flip flops. ;) TIP - Bring some flip flops or “get dirty” shoes that you can wear to get from point A to point B while out at locations then slip on your nice shoes once we get there.

Seasons: Don’t be afraid to think outside the current season! Even if it’s summer bring those letterman jackets along with a few sweaters to layer up and look cute in! If it’s snowing be daring and let’s snap some quick shots in a fun prom dress. Don’t let that weather limit your wardrobe choices.

Client Closet: Check out the links below to borrow some of our fantastic outfits to mix up your look while saving yourself some cash!

Changing On Location: A lot of our locations don’t have restrooms near us so often we’ll be changing either in the vehicle or somewhere close. Keep that in mind the less time spent changing equals more time spent shooting pictures. Dress in layers to mix up the look quickly without doing too many complete outfit changes. We recommend about 4-5 total outfits but the choice is ultimately up to you.

Packing For Your Session: The easiest way we’ve found is to group your outfits (along with accessories in zip lock bags and hung with each outfit) and then put all the groups in one big laundry basket. It’s easy to tote around with us and enables you to quickly pull full looks out along with your accessories so we don’t forget anything.

Shop our Client Closet!

Don’t have time to go shopping or want to keep the budget low but still look fabulous? We’ve got ya covered! We’ve got these items and more in our client closet for you to borrow! Come over before your session and let’s sit down and create a customized style just for your session. Feel free to try on our pieces and bring some of your own, we’ll mix and match to create the perfect session with the most stylish pieces! You just let us know what you’d like to borrow, use it for your session, and then return it! We’ll do the washing of the items so they’re fresh and ready for the next person.

*There are so many more that aren’t pictured on the site, we’re currently trying to update with the rest but we have over 40 items and we’re always growing!!