Give A Gift Referral Card

Give A Gift Referral Card


Something fun I do around the holidays is send these referral cards out to all my clients! This is sized to be printed as a 4x5 press card from most labs or you can just print from home. They're sized perfectly to be used as postcards OR you can just print several and slip them into all your clients print orders. Even give them out at sessions! I include these every year when I send out my Christmas cards to clients with their gifts, just another fun way to let them refer friends and get a little bonus while they do it!

Easy to drop your information/logos into the layers by placing them with in the existing clipping mask. You will need basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop to make changes in templates. Works great for a quick template to throw together and the classic clean look can give it an extra special feel with minimal effort on your part!!


---> PSD 4.25" X 5.25" layered file 300dpi (to customize)

---> Client Referral Program .jpg file (printable)

---> Fonts used in file

---> JPG instructions on how to use the templates

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