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If known or telling friends
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Baby's Expected Due Date
Just to put it on our calendar, we realize not all babies go off our of schedules and decide when they're ready to arrive!
Do they have any siblings? If so, what names/ages.
Newborn Session Styling
I provide all props, outfits, and headbands. If you would like to include something special like a blanket from great grandma or a stuffed animal, please include it below!
What style best represents what you want your session to look like?
Color Base *
What color base would you like for your session?
We try our best to prep ahead of time and pull props/colors to make sure the session is customized to you. Please let us know what color palettes you'd like to include! (example: browns, tans, whites, grays, pinks, blues, teals)
Are you planning on doing any parent or sibling shots? If so, we like to do those right away and then we can send the rest of the crew home to keep the house a little quieter and daddy's can go take naps at home while we work!
Please tell me the colors of your baby's nursery and describe how you decorated it.
Display *
How do you plan to display your purchased products?
We want to make sure you completely understand that the session fee DOES NOT include any products or digital files (cd) with your session.
What Room(s) Are You Interested In Hanging A Wall Portrait Or Portrait Display? *
If you have a referral, make sure you list them so we can give them credit and thank them!
Please let us know! We're here to make this experience as unique and fun as possible. If you want specific images please share them with us. The more guidance you give us for your session the better we can do for you.