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Hello friends! I'm Kelsey (Homolka) Nerud. A photographer living on a gorgeous farm just south of Dorchester, Nebraska but it’s tough to nail down my exact location because we have farms all over Saline County Nebraska that we utilize for our senior and family photo sessions!  I love photography more than you could understand.  I love capturing moments of love and laughter that we often quickly forget without pictures and tangible products to look at.  I would absolutely love the opportunity to work with you! I specialize in high school senior photography, family portraits, and child milestones in the southeast Nebraska area.

Six Miles From Home Max!

I originally am from Wilber, Nebraska (Czech Capitol of the USA woot!) and literally have moved a solid six miles from home. Ever. That’s right, I’ve moved six whole miles and that’s it. Which is great for me, it means I get to visit my parents all the time and my family is so close so that’s super important. The kicker, it was a move directly straight north on the same road, so it’s a complete straight shot home.

My favorites & farm loves

I’m an avid runner (4 half marathons under my shoes as well as a couple 10k's and numerous 5k’s), an active community member who volunteers with various Czech events, a farm wife who runs the tractor and grain cart during harvest and a full time book reader who gets lost in many authors special words. (Team AudioBooks for the win while editing your beautiful images!) I'm obsessed with Dolly Parton and adore Lucille Ball, I guess you could say I'm an old soul stuck in a young crazy person's body with a huge personality that's big enough to shine through the darkest days. Oh and the sass, so much sass.

Seven Years Experience

I have been doing photography as a full time business for over seven years with several prior years of experience. I feel so lucky to do what I love and adore meeting new clients! High School Seniors have a very special place in my heart and getting to connect with them is such a joy. I feel honored to share your special memories with you and typically like to keep my sessions simple. If you like what you see in my portfolio you’re going to LOVE your session even more.

I love living on the farm because it gives me the opportunity to work with my beautiful surroundings and incorporate the rustic look into your images with a natural and fun atmosphere that’s always changing before our eyes. The sunsets are to die for! I cannot wait to create wonderful memories for you!

agriculture Is Our Love Language

I met farmer boy nearly ten years ago. Like I said earlier, we’ve actually grown up six miles apart. My family farm is six miles straight south of his farm, so we have always known each other. We got married in fall of 2016 after dating for nearly six years. We love to spend time together at farm expos, in tractors and working on the yard with cattle. Just kidding, that’s what he finds most enjoyable and I just like being around him (so that means, we both enjoy it)! I actually did go to college and have an Agricultural Degree with a grains and marketing focus, so I love the farm life just as much as him. If you come to a session at our farm, you’ll more than likely see the boys of Nerud Farms rushing around working or moving cattle. Perhaps you’ll hear a few curse words if the cows don’t cooperate or the bolts won’t move in the tractors they’re fixing. ;) But seriously, we’re a farm that never stops working, and you’ll see the love those boys put into their work and the dedication they have to something they love. With so many farms we work with it’s perfect to find the exact location you’re looking for. From the classic big red barns, to tin grain bin’s, to tall lush grass, to farm ponds, to golden sunsets, cattle grazing or even a horse in the background, we’ve got something for everyone here! It’s a one stop shot for all types of photos! We’d love to invite you to the farm for a high school senior session or your next family photos!



Nebraska corn & soybean farmers - A day in the life at Nerud Farms

Want to know what life's like during corn and soybean harvest for us here in Nebraska with farmers? Check out this amazing film produced by Roland Massow of what a day in the life of our farm looks like! When I'm not shooting pictures during the fall you can find me in my big blue tractor chasing the farmer boy around in the combine. There's a lot of hard work that goes into farming and I am so proud that Nerud Farm boys truly love what they do!!

Behind The Scenes with Dirt Road Photography

Photo credit to Melissa Ann Photography, K. Jensen Photography, Amanda Nohavec Photography, Nikky Rhae Photography and Klasek Photography

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Top 10% Photo in 2019 Shoot & Share Contest


Top 20% Photo in 2019 Shoot & Share Contest


Top 30% Photo in 2019 Shoot & Share Contest



Something that I hold very dear to my heart is using your gifts and talents that the Lord blesses you with to give back to those around you. I have taken the time to volunteer with only programs that I feel add value and am exclusively teamed up with them because they hold a special place in my heart. Adoption is something that is extremely important to me so I’ve partnered with a few organizations to offer free or discounted sessions to those in the adoption process. They’ll be added as I announce more. For more info or to apply click the links or contact us for more info!

“Mere talents does not give glory to God but a humble heart.”- Mac Canoza

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Found Families is an organization that provides free family photography sessions, through a national network of volunteer photographers, to families that have recently adopted a child. Our goal is to help families mark and celebrate this milestone of adoption by making a professional photo session financially attainable. Because every family deserves beautiful family photos.