Friends. I want to attempt something new. In 2019 I want to feature photogs on my blog! Looking for family and senior photographers specifically. Would anyone be interested in writing up a little blurb about themselves, their business and then a few q&a? This is something that would require THOUGHT and not just slop it together. I want to encourage other photogs so think "what have i learned and what value can readers gain from reading this post" type thing. If this interests you please contact me, I know it’s last minute, but my January spot needs to get filled asap so first to get back to me with info get’s it! I’ll then fill accordingly so please be timely if you want a spot. Plan is to feature one a month. Start working on the content, want content done the second week of the month the month before (so if you're doing march would need mid february) so i have time to work on content ;) i'll have you write up a little bit then i'll send over some questions i'll ask all the photogs. Again, not going to hunt down and keep people on track, you've got to be self motivated to write yours out and contact me 

Mandatory Q&A to answer:

  • When did you start your business?

  • What is one of the best purchases you've made for your business?

  • If you could start over, what one thing would you tweak/change from the start?

  • What are you reading/listening to right now? (podcasts, books)

  • What is one goal you want to achieve in the next year?

  • One quote that inspires and drives you?