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Summer Family Mini Sessions

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I know this video is kind of long but this is the EXACT video that I watched with tears streaming down my face that inspired me to get involved with the world around me. I met this lady in the video in real life in Kansas City a quite few years ago at a Women of Faith conference, she's truly inspiring and since this video, she has sponsored a few more kiddos as well!! I have always believed you have to be the change you want to see and when I do have the opportunity to travel I always like to volunteer and leave an impact. "You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you."

nebraska summer family mini sessions dorchester ne photographer kelsey homolka nerud

This year we're hosting the second annual summer mini sessions and donating all of the proceeds to sponsoring a child through World Vision. What does it mean to sponsor a child you ask? Let me explain! 

When you sponsor a child, your monthly gift helps provide essentials like clean water, nutrition, education, and more to a child in need, while you connect by exchanging letters and photos. All with the goal of helping the child and community break free from poverty for good.

I will continue to host these mini sessions and make it an annual thing with intentions of donating everything to the World Vision organization. I intend to keep clients updated with communication (letters from kiddos, pictures, etc.) and eventually want to travel and meet my sponsored child if I have that opportunity! I have been wanting to do this for years but am just now getting the logistical side figured out on how to make this all work. Seriously, I am beyond excited to launch this, giving back to those less fortunate is something I'm extremely passionate about.

So here's the info for these Mini Sessions! 

Location - These again will be hosted at the farm, I will have a few rustic boxes/buckets there for littles to help sit them up or stand with. 

Price - Minimum donation of $200 (you're welcome to donate more if you'd like!) This is a HUGE discount, to put it into perspective, $200 is the session fee for a normal family session that does not include any digital files or prints with it, so basically, you're getting five digitals for free!

June 3rd - These are the only days I will be running these mini sessions. 

30 Minute Sessions - I will run the sessions in 30 minute increments to allow time to prep for the next family to arrive. Please arrive at the time we agreed upon to ensure we don't get behind!

5 Digital Download Images - Your session fee includes FIVE digital files for you to download off your gallery from the website once the session is complete. I will also include additional files you're welcome to upgrade and purchase if you'd like. These are totally optional but they're there if you'd like them! There will also be exclusively discounted products that you're welcome to add-on and purchase as well. 

Photo Print Release - A photo print release is included in your digital download so you can print your images anywhere but I recommend purchasing prints through a quality print lab to ensure the beautiful pictures you paid for can live up to their full potential.

summer family mini sessions dorchester nebraska photographer kelsey homolka nerud

We'll try to keep it updated below with spots that are filled. If you want to book more than one time slot, please check out twice to ensure spots aren't double booked. If you're having trouble, email us at with your preferred time slot to book your spot! Only 5 spots available!

6:30 pm -
7:00 pm - 
7:30 pm - Jaimes Family
8:00 pm - 
8:30 pm -

And of course if you're not interested in a mini session but would like to donate to World Vision you're welcome to contact me directly and we can get it set-up or check out their site to learn about sponsoring a child of your own! If you choose to sponsor let me know, I'd love to follow along and learn about your child and your sponsoring journey!

Why we choose World Vision:

Here are a few images from when we were in St. Lucia last year, we packed an extra suitcase full of goodies for an orphanage I had contacted prior to leaving the states and getting to know what their needs were. Packing a fifty pound suitcase of toys, shoes, undies, diapers, lotions (specific request from the orphanage) as well as coloring books, pencils and other schools supplies was so humbling, but what made me so excited was walking through the airport knowing that all of these items were for kiddos that were in need of basic necessities that we take for granted daily.

When we got there and spent time with the kiddos my heart was so full of love for them. Right away we walked up and a little girl introduced herself and gave me a hug asking if I would hold her. Another little girl right away chimed in asking if she could do my hair. The boys were busy with a new ball we had brought while the baby crawled around sipping on her bottle and handing me building blocks. As we sat there and played for awhile, I realized that these kids were happy, they didn't realize what poverty felt like because to them, they had everything they could want or need. They didn't realize that a house without a properly closing front door wasn't normal, they've always slept with mosquito nets over their beds, and they think that rice everyday is good because it's food that fills them up. While spending time with these orphans I felt really humbled that they opened their arms so willingly to strangers, they loved new friends to play with and the little girl who asked me to hold her eventually fell asleep in my lap while I held her close, silently saying prayers to the Lord for each and every one of them by name.  

Being blessed with more than enough in my life is something I am so grateful for and I try my best to give to those who aren't as fortunate. Through the years I've realized that life is less about the amount of "things" we have and more about the experiences we get to enjoy.

"Give generously to him and do so without a grudging heart; then because of this the Lord your God will bless you in all your work and in everything you put your hand to." - Deuteronomy 15:10

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