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What a fun night of a quick mini session with some pretty amazing girls from the Crete High School Cheerleading Squad!!


Madison + Barrett did a collaboration with DRP and we spent a night with some pretty fun cheerleaders. First we took them over to Kelsey's to get styled with the perfectly matching and styled M+B pieces then we zipped out to the farm near Wilber to snap some fun shots of the girls. One of my favorite stacks that Kelsey has created in the Rose Gold Summer Sunset because it's so perfect for any outfit but I also love and wear Chloe's Camo set quite often for daily wear since it's so neutral colored! Basically, you can't go wrong with any set you choose from M+B!!



This year the cheer squad is really focusing on the team motto of "Rise Up" so I asked Kara to help fill us in on it. Here's what she had to say!

Rise up means different things to different people. Rise up meant that we're going to strive to do better for the school or the student body. It can mean we're going to do better with financial situations, or even take our competition to another level. Meaning we'll add more tumbling skills for state, or different things we've never done before. 

Basically, their entire team is focusing on rising higher and doing the best they can do. And I totally agree that it can be applied in so many ways to everyone, no matter your situation. Choose to rise up and be above what others are doing. Do the right thing. Be the good in someones life!!

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