Family Session // The Bristol's // Fairmont // Southeast Nebraska Photographer

What a fun group of kiddos! And the best part, I loooooved their names! Check it out, I present, Kaeden, Kynnedy, Kensingtyn and Kendryk. I have never seen such unique names that flow together so well. And they were all so well behaved!


I was so grateful that while we were styling the kiddos mom wanted to go with these beautiful neutral tones that were very light and fun to match the grass and farm scenery we decided to go with. The kids matched so well and it just fell together so fantastic. We played ring around the rosie, we played tag, we clapped and danced then as the sun was setting, we pulled out some "flowers" to blow into the wind. Honestly, the entire session was blissful and just reminded me to slow down and just let the kids play. Sometimes you get more out of a session by stepping back and letting the fun take over and setting the camera down for a little bit to join in the fun. I've been trying to focus more on the connections and less on the technical side of sessions, and honestly, it's totally paying off! ;)


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