They'll Last A Lifetime!

10 x 10 Photo Album Review - BayPhoto - Nebraska Photographer

All of my clients know how much I advocate printing products to ensure future generations have tangible goodies to look at when we're gone and this beautiful album seriously shows exactly why they're worth it!

This is a 10" x 10" Pacific Album that is offered with the thick seamless pages so they carry over from page to page without a seam in the binding area. This one is the 0.05" thick pages with a black core but can also have a white core if preferred. It is shown with the Baby Blue Linen cover in a ten page spread.

I love albums, I love them even more when my clients order the super thick pages that ensure little hands can't tear them and the quality that lasts forever. They are so worth their weight in gold (and these babies are heavy!) and the fact that you have something to display and pick up to look at is awesome. Just think, when we're all gone and Facebook no longer exhist, our great-great-grandkids will still have these albums to look back on and make fun of our hairstyles and clothing choices ;)

Don't believe me that clients love their albums? Check out this clients exact words: "This family photo book is breathtaking, and not just because it is my family πŸ˜‰ The quality of this photo book is superb. I am not worried at all about my 4 year boy handling it. It is a truly a family treasure. Adding it to my list to get every year/family session along with my favorite spiral proof book 😊 Thanks Kelsey!"

I always recommend if you can only purchase one thing that these albums are the thing to get. Timeless. Classic. Stylish. Perfection.