Senior Session // Andres Ruiz // Crete High School // Southeast Nebraska Photographer

Andres is graduating with the Class of 2018 who is a totally laid back guy. I like to ask my seniors to give me one word that describes themselves and his answer was awesome. He said he was altruistic. I honestly had no clue what it meant so I went and googled it! The result: "Showing a disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others; unselfish." This is amazing. This word easily describes him so much!!

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Andres is from Crete, Nebraska and goes to Crete High School. I love that he enjoys running and is on the high school cross country team, it's always nice finding youth who enjoy the sport of endurance as much as I do!! Luckily, his sister helped to rename our cat from Oscar to Oreo but sadly, I don't think the cat cared besides having a human to love on him.

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