Generation Family // The Krauter's // Southeast Nebraska Photographer

I've always advocated to capture and cherish family pictures, especially generation sessions! Families are something that I love to do sessions for. Watching the grandparents interact with their grandkids, the parents joke with their kiddos and just see how happy the family is overall. When the Krauter family contacted me with the idea of doing a generation session I couldn't help but start planning. The tall grass, grain bins and color coordination of blues and yellows all just fell into place on the farm a few miles west of Wilber, Nebraska. Being located in southeast Nebraska gives us ample opportunities to find God's gracious beauty in the landscapes and I absolutely encourage using the farms to highlight nature. By keeping the backgrounds simple, it really highlights the family that we're shooting. To see the interaction between parents and kiddos, to watch grandparents laugh and truly enjoy the family they've raised. It's great getting to see that families invest in their images, the things that will outlive them and be celebrated in future generations.

And once the family session was done... we rolled right into the weird pictures. Ya, I'm talking about the most hilarious ones I've ever taken, the ones that crack me up and remind me of how funny my own family can get! I welcome you to this crew:

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