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SE Nebraska Photographer :: Reetz Family :: Crete, Nebraska :: Sneak Peek

What a fun evening spent on the farm with the Reetz family! I couldn't stop giggling and absolutely loved how much the kiddos truly loved playing and laughing with each other! We ended the session with a dirt road, a dusty sunset and some pretty bean fields. The kids all did so great and I'm so happy to share some more from their session here soon!!

Generation Family Session // The Barnas' // Nebraska Photographer

Generation Family Session // The Barnas' // Nebraska Photographer


Have you ever met a family that is so kind, compassionate and caring yet also straight up hilarious and so welcoming to yourself as well as your entire community? I didn't realize I had ever officially met them until I shot images of their family. That's when it hit me that I've been lucky enough to grow up with this family and they've surrounded our community with so many blessings!!

The Barnas family does so much for our small town Nebraska community and I absolutely love celebrating new milestones with their family, from the grandkids' success to enjoying meeting their newest dynasty members this family is always so awesome. They're always so positive and they're always willing to lend a hand and be generous. I know they're great at rocking out to polka music and I've heard quite a few hilarious jokes from them as well. Always a good time when a Barnas is around!


Thanks Barnas crew for inviting me out to come organize the circus.  You guys are hilarious and I secretly wish I was part of your tribe so I could come watch Elf all the time! #adoptme