30 Random Acts of Kindness + GIVEAWAY! // Nebraska Family & Senior Portrait Photographer

30 Random Acts of Kindness + GIVEAWAY! // Nebraska Family & Senior Portrait Photographer



 I turn 30 on September 28th this year and I’ve only been talking about it for the last eight months. I am typically the person who brushes birthday’s under the rug but I want to go all out this year. I want to celebrate my accomplishments as well as share how grateful I am for everyone that has impacted my life and left an impression on my heart.

So we’re kicking it off in a big way. We’re doing giveaways!!

First giveaway includes YOU taking part in doing something with me. I’m going to do one random act of kindness a day leading up to my birthday totaling up to 30 different things. Each day we’ll re-start and once you complete the act, you can comment on the Facebook post to be entered to win a $10 credit to spend with DRP (we’ll draw each evening at 8pm). That means you can participate daily and earn up to $300 in credit potentially!!


  • Each day you’re encouraged to complete one random act of kindness. We’ve added a list of ideas below but get creative and come up with your own.

  • Once you’ve completed the act comment on that day’s Facebook post with what you did (pictures of the act are a bonus but we get it, sometimes pictures aren’t necessary)

  • At the end of each day at 8pm we’ll draw for that day’s winner for a $10 credit to spend with DRP

  • At the end of the 30 days we’ll also draw a “grand prize” winner to receive a free mini session. Each act you do goes towards the grand prize so entering daily can help you!

This entire giveaway is intended to encourage those around you to be kind to each other and show others a small gesture can make an impact!!


  • Make anonymous donation to a charity

  • Make snacks for local businesses

  • Thank a veteran for their services to our country

  • Drop off desert to local police station

  • Hold the door open for someone

  • Register to be an organ donor!

  • Call your mom/dad and thank them for being your supporter

  • Donate clothes to a shelter that you don’t wear

  • Send a positive quote or inspiration message to five different friends

  • Leave quarters at the laundromat

  • Gift items you don’t use to friends who might need them (furniture, clothes, etc)

  • Buy coffee for someone in front of you

  • Carry an elderly person’s groceries (or help them across the street!)

  • Buy someone's meal behind you in drive through

  • Donate books to a local library

  • Put money in a parking meter

  • Walk dogs at a local animal shelter

  • Leave a kind comment on someone’s social media post

  • Make a gift/snack for your mailman

  • Make personal care kit for homeless person

  • Sponsor a child through church

  • Buy rubber re-usable straws to help the environment

  • Set out free Popsicles for kids at the pool

  • Bring a snack to your co-workers in your office

  • Gift a copy of your favorite book to someone

  • Go visit a nursing home and spend time there

  • Leave a positive product review of a product you love

  • Make a homemade meal for a neighbor

  • Make/Donate to a local backpack program

  • Load the dishwasher (I know, this is tough friends!) ;)

  • Make/Mail a hand written thank you note

  • Leave $20 tip at a restaurant

  • Buy a meal for a homeless person

  • Leave uplifting note on a windshield

  • Tip your waiter an equal amount to your total bill


These are just some examples, feel free to get creative and create your own as well! As mentioned before, we’ll draw at 8pm each evening for that days winner. If we don’t have any entries for that day, we’ll skip it and pick up the next day. All entries will be entered into a grand prize drawing that we’ll go live on Facebook and draw for at the end of the month (September 30th) so make sure that even if you don’t win daily to keep submitting those entries! If anyone has questions please feel free to contact us.

Daily Winners:

  1. Melissa Rodriguez - Picked up sticks for her elderly neighbor

  2. Melissa Rodriguez - Watched lady’s kids at the zoo to help mom in the restroom

  3. Elizabeth Volker - Created a fun envelope and wrote a note of encouragement to anther woman

  4. Carol Miller - Watched a girl after school today who is in her son’s class

  5. Jami Thody - Bought lunch for the person in the booth next to her that she didn’t even know. Over heard her having a bad day while talking on her phone and wanted to lift her spirits a little

  6. Elizabeth Volker - Went to the post office and there was an older lady struggling to get out of her car, she asked if she could run in and get her mail for her so she could wait in the car. She was surprised but accepted my offer. They chatted briefly after and it made her happy to help (and to know that it really blessed her)

  7. Kristine Jasper - donated to St. Judes

  8. Carol Miller - Helped her son with his reading homework assignment

  9. Carol Miller

  10. Melissa Rodriguez

  11. Kerry Baker

  12. Kerry Baker

  13. Melissa Rodriguez

  14. Melissa Rodriguez

  15. Kerry Baker

  16. Kerry Baker

  17. Melissa Rodriguez

  18. Melissa Rodriguez

  19. Kerry Baker

  20. Melissa Rodriguez

  21. Melissa Rodriguez

  22. Melissa Rodriguez

  23. Kerry Baker

  24. Melissa Rodriguez

  25. Kenzie Maryska

  26. Whitney Wendelin

  27. Kerry Baker

  28. Melissa Rodriguez

  29. Whitney Wendelin

  30. Kerry Baker


Kelsey (Homolka) Nerud is a photographer located near Dorchester, Nebraska and serves the surrounding communities including Wilber, Crete, Friend, Geneva, Milligan, Exeter, Daykin, Western, Plymouth, DeWitt, Fairbury, Diller, Odell, Wymore, Beatrice, Hickman, Princeton, Lincoln, Cortland and everywhere in between. At Dirt Road Photography we specialize in capturing timeless High School Senior Portraits, and Family Photography Sessions. Kelsey strives to make each photography session a fun and memorable experience while including seniors or families in an enjoyable shoot watching the golden sunsets here in the midwest of Nebraska. We love traveling southeast NE to serve our senior clients and capture the summer and fall of their last year in high school. Families also hold a near and dear piece of our heart as we love documenting the milestones of children and parents connecting throughout their childhood laughter and fuzzy snuggles in timeless portraits to keep and cherish through tangible artwork and printed products.